The Boyer College Electroacoustic Ensemble Project

Past Residencies and Visiting Artists

Fall 2018 Visiting Artist: Von Hansen (

Fall 2018 Visiting Artist: Christopher Biggs (

Fall 2018 Visiting Scholar: Madeleine Le Bouteiller

Fall 2018 Visiting Artists: Scott Miller and Carla Rees (

Spring 2018 Visiting Artist: Toshimaru Nakamura (

Spring 2017 Resident Artist: Rajeev Maddela a.k.a. Currency (

Spring 2017 Visiting Artist: Joo Won Park (

Spring 2017 Visiting Artist: Andy Cavatorta (

Spring 2016 Resident Artist: Michael McDermott (a.k.a. Micronesia) (

Spring 2016 Visiting Artist: Nicholas Isherwood (

Spring 2016 Visiting Artist: Mark Snyder, Becky Brown, Paige Naylor (

Fall 2015 Visiting Artist: Mike Durkin (of The Renegade Company) (

Fall 2015 Resident Artist: Ryan Olivier (

Fall 2015 Visiting Artist: Matthias Müller (SABRe) (

Recent Resident Artist

 Resident Artist: Rajeev Maddela

Presentation: Techniques for Generative Performance and Mindful Improvisation in Electronic Music

Rock Hall, room 123 from 1-2pm, April 14th, 2017


BEEP will be performing with Maddela at The Fire in conjunction with Philly Tech Week 2017, Saturday April 29th, 10:30pm

CURRENCY - Live Electronic Improvisation

Maddela a.k.a. Currency

Maddela a.k.a. Currency

A generative improvisational performance project exploring the spectrum of electronic music via Ableton Live and MIDI percussion, the project aims to explore the concepts discovered through mindfulness meditation within a technologically enhanced, expressive, improvisational environment. Currency aims to highlight the sacred quality of inspired spontaneity, using stimulating sound design and sensitive patch programming to result in unique and dynamic performances. Currency is the state of being present. 


Rajeev Maddela is a drum set artist, electronic music composer, computer programmer, and rudimental percussion instructor based in Brooklyn, NY. Maddela specializes in applying the unique rhythmic phrasing found in bass-forward electronic music (e.g. golden era jungle, drum and bass, UK garage, dubstep, and house). He has performed with Karsh Kale, Anoushka Shankar, Tim Lefebvre, Jonathan Maron, Max ZT, Chris Buono, and many others from the world and live electronic music scenes.

Under the name Maddela, he has released a host of singles and albums on labels such as Noisy Meditation (BM), High Chai Recordings (NY), and Reminiscence Audio (Serbia). His production work spans the genres of experimental drum and bass, future bass, and UK garage, with a focus on live performance elements and wide sonic palettes.

Maddela holds a degree in computer science from New York University. His career as a computer programmer spans nearly two decades, with expertise in enterprise level billing solutions, performance optimization, and generic design patterns. He is a dedicated music pedagogue, serving as an instructor at Msgr. Farrell High School's award winning Marching Percussion program since 1998. He continues in this role, specializing in developing students' technique, expression, and clarity.